Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

This may be the most adorable mode of transportation ever. The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter looks like one of those sleek little scooters everyone rides in Europe, only smaller, and cuter, if that is possible. It comes in a selection of gorgeous retro colors, too. This little vehicle can go at speeds up to 15 mph, has a padded seat, and a storage compartment underneath. The tires are 12-inch pneumatic tires, and you get a retractable kickstand.

pocket-mod-bistro pocket-mod-bella

With a quiet, chain-driven electric motor, and sleek retro styling, the “Pocket Mod” goes fast enough for fun, but not too fast. It has a rear suspension system, making the ride extra comfortable. The built-in battery goes for up to 10 miles on one charge. This is the kind of fun vehicle young girls squeal over, particularly those with a sharp eye for hot Italian scooter design. It has received raves in many magazines: Teen Vogue, Time, and Newsweek have given it a definite green light.

Charge time is approximately 8 hours for the 12 volt acid lead batteries (included). Designed for ages 13 and older, this scooter can hold up to 150 lbs. and has a 90 day warranty.

This scooter does require some assembly, but it is a simple task. The 12 inch tires are strong enough to cope with the occasional rock on the road or sidewalk. One of the many things kids (and parents) love about these is how quiet they are. They are almost silent.

Anyone owning or riding one of the Pocket Mod designs is responsible for knowing the rules of the road: local, state, and federal, and obeying them. A safety helmet (perhaps in the same sherbet shade as the scooter?) is an absolute necessity for safety. Wear your helmet for every ride. That way, the biggest risk you’ll take is starting a major trend.

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