Sabangan Beach Resort at Laiya

Sabangan Beach Resort is one of the several resorts that dot Laiya Beach in Batangas. But what sets it apart is its good accommodations and facilities.

There are three types of accommodations for guests. One can rent a one-bedroom bungalow, a two-bedroom bungalow and a loft-type cottage.

There is a store that sells stuff like souvenirs, shirts, playing cards and drinks.

There is also a recreation area where you can play billiards and hang out.

Kids can also play in the kids area with slides and a mini jungle gym.

Though the sand at Sabangan is coarser, compared to the sand at the southern part of Laiya, the beach here is almost free of algae. Some spots of the beach are also good for skimboarding with moderate waves splashing onto the shore.

Guest rates vary depending on the time of the year. For more information you can reach their website or reach them through the contact numbers below:

Manila office: +63(2) 914-0848
TeleFax: +63(2) 667-3997

[Photo by Jo Nicdao]


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