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Guide to getting the cheapest Scooter insurance

As some of my regular readers know I have a larger number of different motorcycles and scooters. So every year I have the problem of finding cheap and quality insurance.

To help my loyal readers and maybe some new ones, I have decided to put together a 4 step process on how to get the cheapest scooter/motorcycle insurance.

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Step 1 – What cover do you need?
Step 2 – Get your Quote
Step 3 – Play with the quote
Step 4 – Renewal!

Now you might think that this guide will be only helpful to those looking to renew their insurance but you would be wrong! In nearly every insurance policy that I have had, you are able to cancel the insurance without incurring a penalty.

So even if you have just bought your insurance just follow these steps to check you have the cheapest insurance.

Step 1 – What cover do you need?

Age!- Are you under 21? then this will mean that you should only go for third party insurance as the excess will be massive. I knew of one young man who had an excess of £500 on a scooter worth £600!

Mileage: Don’t overestimate.. and remember its just for that bike/scooter not total mileage including driving. Generally my mileage is around 5000 miles for all my bikes.

Security: If you want cheap insurance then make sure you look at getting your bike/scooter off the road. Most insurance also require a gold standard lock so make sure you get one.

No claims bonus: On average a no claims bonus of one year can reduce cost by around 40% so make sure you keep your no claims if you can.

One of the main problems that i came across in the UK was the lack of scooter insurers, so you need to do a little research to find out what insurers work with scooters.

Step 2: Get your Quote

Get a quote via the main scooter insurance company. I like to use Ebike but you are free to use any that you find during your research.

Step 3: Play with the quote

Excess – Try different excess’s to find the right combination that works for you. Many insurance policy’s differ greatly depending on the amount of excess is chosen.

Haggle – Give the guys a ring and explain that you have found it for cheaper but would prefer to go with them. This can work… but i always feel a little cheeky.

Car insurance / House Insurance – If you already have insurance with the company you choose then try and get the price down even more.

Consider Pay as you go – Ebike actually allow you to get pay as you go insurance. This can work well if like me you don’t use all your bikes every day of the year. You can find out more at the Ebike website

Step 4 – Renewal!

Remember!! That most insurers will automatically renew your insurance.. so make sure that you have checked for cheaper insurance before this happens.

I got stung by this once, but never again!


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