Scooter tip of the week – You run out of two stroke!

If the occasion ever happens that you are in the back woods of now where land and you are out of two-stroke oil and a seller of the stuff is no where to be seen for miles.”DO NOT RIDE IT MILES“or you will be pushing it a lot more than the miles you rode with big bill$ all over it.

What should you do?

Find the nearest food shop,store,any place you can get cooking oil,engine oil,automatic tranny oil even a dash of Diesel and add it to the gas tank not the autolube tank if you have one. As you can guess this is only a “get me to the two-stroke measure”and not something that should be done on a weekly basis. I must add I once was in this position getting out of Skegness in England on a monday morning about 2 am after a long weekend trying to get back for work so we nicked a bottle of sunflower cooking oil from the bed & breakfast that we were skipping without paying and ran my very nice GP200 on it!

Anybody will tell you that there wasn’t many 24 hour gas or should I say petrol stations open in that area of the world! So as I travelled all the way back to Manchester nearly 130 miles away, I kept thinking how much it smelt like castrol’R’ as that Mark2 amal carb spat it on my leg.

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