Scooter to drive home drunks

Down in sunny Plymouth a couple of marines have thought up a great business idea. The Business is called Scooter Chauffeur LTD and it’s main aim is to reduce drink driving on the city roads. It is aimed at people who drive and go for a few pints > which then turns into a heavy session. So now instead of getting back into your car and closing one eye [I never did this, honest šŸ™‚ ] you will now be able to ring Scooter Chauffeur. Scooter Chauffeur will then send out a rider on one of those super pocket bike style scooters and will then attempt to find the pub where you are currently bladder-ed. The scooter that they use are ones that can be folded up small enough to fit into a bag which is then thrown in your boot (assuming you got a boot.)

Tony Finn, company director, said: “We use small specially designed scooters to attend a client’s vehicle, fold the scooter up into sealed bags and drive the client home in their vehicle.

Mini Scooter Chauffeur

Once the scooter is successfully packed in the boot the rider will then drive your car home for you. Supposedly the price of calling out a scooter is cheaper than a two way taxi and is a damn site less trouble! In some of the pubs I have frequented in the past, I would not even think about leaving my car over night – or I would expect to find it on bricks in the morning.

To be honest this idea is not new, but I do think it is a good one. So next time your too bladder-ed to drive > ring up a Scooter Chauffeur (unless your on your scooter otherwise you can walk, you lazy ghet!)


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