Scooters and Global Warming

When I was taking a required environmental impact course the instructor used all types of various statistics to prove that we would run out of fossil fuel in no more than 15 years. That in ten years the world would very likely experience global war over oil. That in ten years Global warming would have reached the point where the temperate zones would have moved at least 15 degrees north causing drastic global food shortages.

Now the predictions are no more than 20 years of fossil fuel. The simple fact remains that there is no more oil being made. The cost ratio of producing fuel from corn or other vegetation is not economical. Also consider that the acreage required to produce the fuel would have to be diverted from producing food. The acreage needed to produce a significant amount would devastate the food production.

As of last year, the polar ice caps had diminished by 20 percent from 1990. This has caused an increase in sea levels which has changed the gulf streams producing more turbulent weather patterns.

The only thing that is important is that global warming is reality and it doesn’t matter what has caused it. Our great grandchildren and for those of us who are a bit past 29, grandchildren are going to be hard pressed for fuel, food, and decent water by the time they are in their 50’s, and it won’t all be taxes.

When I was a young man, I paid between 18.9-20.9 cents a gallon. In the 70’s fuel embargo the gas leapt from 25 cents a gallon to $1.50 in less than a year. This was an artificial increase. What we are seeing now is the supply and demand price. That supply will decrease proportionate to the demand.

What one 747 expends just getting wheels up would keep several cars fueled for a year. We are running out of fuel and when other methods are finally the main, we will find that the climate will eventually return to a more livable condition. That will not happen in this century though, so there isn’t much we can do except moan about it.

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