Secrets to Dog Training Review

Because your dog will finally start obeying your commands with the simple, but effective techniques in Secrets to Dog Training.

Secrets to Dog Training has quickly become one of the best selling dog training manuals on the Internet. And with good reason.

Nearly everything you could ever need to know is there. And if it isn’t, then it’s probably in one of the many bonuses that come with it.

At over 180 pages, it may seem daunting, but everything is presented in such a way that makes it easy to read and understand. But that doesn’t mean it lacks substance. Daniel’s style is straight ahead and right to the point, without all the fluff.

You’ll find that training your dog to be obedient isn’t all that difficult if you have the desire and patience.

Another thing I liked about Secrets to Dog Training is that one of the bonuses that come with the ebook is the Secrets to Dog Training audio. Some of us are readers, while some of us are listeners. Whichever one you are, now you can go either way. I like to read the book while I listen to the audio at the same time. It just seems to sink in better.

As far as the other bonuses are concerned, I have to be honest. It seems that every time I look at the sales page, the bonuses are different, so you will have to check to find the flavor of the week.

But from my experience, if Daniel changes something, it is for the better. I especially like the free email consultation you get as a bonus. No book, audio, or video can possible anticipate every problem you may have and this is the perfect solution. There is even a members forum, where dog owners like yourself can exchange ideas and stories.

At $37.00 (at the time of this review), the price is in line, if not lower, than other comparable dog training books, so that makes it a good value.

If dog training videos are more your style, when you place your order, you have a chance to upgrade to the Premium Package, which gives you these extra goodies.

Dog Training Series” Download Video Files
Secrets To Dog Training” Downloadable Video Files
Secrets to Dog Training Pro” Software

If you are like me, you can’t much lazier than that. About the only thing it doesn’t do is come to your house and train your dog for you.

Is it worth the extra $59.95? That’s up to you. Like I said, I’m lazy, so these videos were perfect for me. And the “Secrets to Dog Training Pro” Software was like a bonus within a bonus.

Bottom line, if you own a dog and are tired of him or her ruling the house, you can’t go wrong with Secrets to Dog Training, weather you get the premium package or not.

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