Segway Scooter Catches Criminal

We have all seen our local cops cruising around the highway/motorway on their BMW R1100RT-Ps but what about seeing one on a scooter – or even a Segway?

Well according to the Chicago Tribune, police officer Thaddeus Martykas is the first on his force to catch a violent suspect using a Segway electric scooter. Officer Martykas was patrolling his beat when he heard gunfire and saw two suspects running from the scene. At this moment he whacked his Segway to top speed (ten to twelve miles an hour!) and pursued the suspects.

Going at full belt with his electric scooter – officer Martykas managed to catch one of the suspects three blocks away. Officer Martykas said:

“I followed the guy who tossed the gun, and he just got tired. He just gave up,”

The police force believe that the Segway’s help to pursue suspects to a point where tiredness finally catches up with them. As central district commander Kevin Ryan states:

“These don’t wear down. People do,”

Segway Scooter police chase

Looking at the photo I would argue that the criminals are struck down with a fit of hysteria but hey it works so I ain’t complaining!

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