How to Sell a Bus or Motorhome

When it comes to selling your bus, online is the best route to getting your product in front of potential buyers.

In Australia I would recommend either eBay or Gumtree as a cheap option to get your ad in front of potential buyers.

Another few advertising platform options (but more expensive to list) are…

Sell Your Bus

Below is a sample of the sales letter I wrote to sell my completed bus conversion on Gumtree…

Bus Sales Letter

Up for sale is this 1983 Mercedes Benz bus that has been converted into a nearly fully working motorhome.

This bus has mainly been used as an office / storage / kitchen for the past year or so with the intent of eventually adding a toilet & shower – But I won’t have the time to complete due to other projects.

It’s watertight (Roof has been checked for leaks and sealed), has complete privacy (With two toned reflective window tinting so you can’t see in during the day and 18 metres of curtains & venetian blinds for during the night).

The tyres, lights, brakes and mirrors are all in good condition / working order and will be quite easy to register. Its starts fine and has 2 new 12V heavy duty batteries. It runs very smooth for its age, idles nicely and uses standard diesel (250 litre tank).

This bus is currently unregistered but is easily movable with a permit (Costs about $20 for a 48 hour pass) along with a heavy vehicle license.

The air suspension works great and bus raises up about 15cm after 10 minutes of idling. There are some small tears in the drivers seat cloth.

Features of Bus

  • All of the the passenger seats have been removed
  • The rear evaporative air-conditioning has been removed along with all of the ducting (This created heaps more headroom)
  • A skylight has been installed in place of where the roof air-conditioning unit was
  • The roof has been checked for leaks and fully sealed.
  • Kronotek laminate wood flooring has been installed with foam underlay.
  • Boxes have been created to cover curved wheel arches (See photos)
  • Custom made curtains and tracking have been installed
  • Two tone tinting has been installed all the way down sides (Fades from Mirror Silver to Black)
  • Bottom windows have been painted (Black on the inside and White on outside)
  • Back window has been fibre glassed to seal from weather and exhaust fumes.
  • Shelf has been installed down very back of bus and includes clothes rack.
  • 12 Volt LED down lighting has been installed along with LED kitchen lighting.
  • The middle doors still open so you can fit large items in the bus (Like a fridge or lounge etc) There is a removable wood panel which lifts up.
  • A removable wood panel has been built down the back of bus to access the top of motor etc.
  • Both front and rear doors still work correctly using air switches.
  • Locks have been installed on the front doors so it’s fully lockable from inside or out.
  • 3 x Flywire screens cover four of the sliding windows on the left of bus.
  • Includes Large Pantry with roll down cover
  • Includes fully functional kitchen with heaps of cupboard space and 150 litre grey water tank and pump.
  • It has a 12V water pump and a 50 litre water tank for when its not connected to mains water.
  • Includes a 4kw reverse cycle airconditioner + ducting
  • 4M wide x 2.4M electric awning
  • Fold down dining table + 2 Chairs
  • Overall the bus currently has a dedicated room for a bedroom which fits a tallboy and a queen size bed, a kitchen and dining room table and space for a office along with a large fridge.

Plus heaps more – See photos for more details!

The main bus electrics operate on 24Volts and a 24V to 12V converter (30 Amp) runs the water pump and led lighting.

Gas stove, office desk and appliances as shown in photos are not included.

Other Information


April 1983

Model Number

Mercedez Benz O305



Internal Floor space dimensions

2.3m Wide x 1.87m High x 8.6m Long

Outside Dimensions

11.3m Long x 2.9m High x 2.5m Wide

Transmission and engine specifications


  • Type: OM 407 h
  • Position: Rear Underfloor
  • Capacity: 11.413 litres
  • No. of cylinders: 6, inline
  • Compression Ratio: 16.5:1
  • Bore: 125 mm
  • Stroke: 155 mm
  • Max power: 147 kW @ 2200 rpm
  • Max torque: 715 Nm @ 1400 rpm
  • Max gov. speed: 2200 rpm
  • Fuel Pump: Bosch
  • Injectors: Bosch


  • Type: W3D O80/2.2R
  • Torque converter: 5.95:1, max speed 13 km/h
  • 1st ratio: 2.12:1, road speed: 35 km/h
  • 2nd ratio: 1.35:1, road speed: 55 km/h
  • 3rd ratio: 1:1, road speed: 85 km/h
  • Reverse ratio: 2.23:1
  • Rear axle type: H07/8DL/10
  • Final drive ratio: 5.9:1

There is heaps of floor space and the uses for this bus are endless, whether its used as water proof storage, an office, site building, caravan or with a little bit of extra love a fully functional motorhome with toilet and shower.

Thank you for checking out my listing and if you have any questions feel free to message me.

Offers are considered also. If you would like to view this bus please phone to arrange a viewing.

End of Sales Letter

Feel free to use the above sales letter as a guide of what to include in your ad and make sure to research what is already listed online for more ideas.

Tips on Choosing a Bus

All the people who have actually accomplished this get real enthusiastic about one specific point: Buses are built to last for many decades. A bus’s motor and parts will outlast those of a conventional motor home any day of the week.   If you want to build a dwelling for yourself—and you like the idea of traveling around in it—then converting a bus is your ticket.

It’s not as difficult to find the right kind of bus as you might think. When you read some of the blogs written by people who have done it, you’ll get the idea that most of them actually prefer school buses to Silver Eagles or other commercial coaches. The school buses have less iron and more stainless steel. The iron used so generously on other buses will, of course, rust; stainless steel does not.

Most 50 – 60 seat Buses run from 11.5 to 13.75 meters in length (38 to 45 feet) and just under 2.5 meters (8 to 8.5 feet) wide.  School buses generally run about 12 meters in length (40 feet) and 2.5 (8.5 feet) in width. When you think about, that’s really a lot of floor space. Most of them come with a huge amount of storage space beneath.

How do you go about finding a bus suitable for conversion? You can start by asking the transportation director at your area’s school districts. Most school districts get rid of buses when they reach the age of 20 to 25 years, even though the motor still has lots of life left in it. Another place you can look is eBay.

Thanks for dropping by :)

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