The Definitive Guide to Skimboarding

The first half of the school year is nearly over and sem break’s almost here! If you are going to the beach you might as well learn how to skimboard.

Skimboarding (or skimming) is a water sport that involves riding a skimboard made out of plywood or fiberglass. Basically it is like skateboarding on the shore but without wheels.

To get started on this sport all you need is a skimboard, and your sense of fun!

Now with your board ready, here are some resources I’ve compiled so you’ll be well on your way impressing everyone on the beach with your skimboard talents.

Safety tips when skimboarding

Jumping on your board

Switching up your footing when skimboarding

As with any other sport, remember to to be practice extreme caution. Happy skimboarding!

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