How to Get Rid of Spyware

What is Spyware and how do you get rid of it?

Spyware is basically software that ends up on your computer by either visiting a web site, installing software or downloading something that contains it.

Another way you can get spyware is by being maliciously attacked by an online hacker who installs the spyware on your computer remotely (From his/her location). Not knowing the spyware is on your computer and not having consent to it being on your computer is what defines it as spyware.

Why would someone bother creating Spyware?


Well the main reason is to get access to your internet movements, your data, your personal details or worse case scenario – your bank account / financial logon details.

Having spyware on your computer can be just as dangerous as having a virus on your computer so removing it as quickly as possible is your only option.

The good news is Spyware is going away due to the increase in difficulty of creating spyware that can get past all of the computer security tools available nowadays.

But it still exists and can affect the performance and privacy of your daily computer use and periodic scans of your computer should be performed to check for problems.

You do not have to buy a Thing to remove spyware. So do not rush out and pay $47 for some tool that claims it can solve your spyware problems because the quality of most of these tools believe it or not is not as good as the free tools.

You see the free (Freeware) tools I’ve listed below have been used by millions of people worldwide and have had time to grow and develop with the changes in the fight against Spyware.

Where the paid tools have not had as many users to help develop the quality of the product. That’s the difference!

Free Tools to Get Rid of Your Spyware

Removing spyware from your computer will take a little intervention by installing some of the free tools available on the internet.

Install all of the below applications update them and let them do their thing. I should note at this point that most of the top anti virus softwares will remove spyware also. I recommend Norton Anti virus or Mcafee but you only need 1 anti virus software.

Having a few Spyware removal tools installed is ideal to work alongside your anti virus software also for safe measure.


This is one of the best tools available to date and is specifically designed to remove spyware.


You only need the free version of this software and like Spybot it is designed to tackle mainly spyware and popups


This is Brilliant to clear all Junk and Temp Files from your computer that you accumulate with internet surfing time

Glary Utilities

This Tool removes startup registry keys (For Advanced Windows Registry Experienced Users)

If you still have spyware problems after running these tools then consider hiring a computer technician to help you get rid of your spyware. Sometimes things can get just a little too technical 🙂

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