Stop Puppy Biting – Training Puppies Not To Bite

You have to start training puppies a puppy not to bite as early as 6- 7 weeks old. This ensures that he will not develop bad habits that will only get worse later. You should stop puppy biting now before it become a bigger problem.

Everyone knows how cute a little puppy chewing can be, but you should never let a puppy bite on your hands or feet. Biting puppies can grow up to be biting dogs, and no one wants that.

You need to learn how to get a puppy to stop biting as early as possible. There are many techniques that can teach you how to stop your puppy from biting. One method is the “time out” method. When your puppy bites you say “ouch”, then leave the room for a while, closing the door behind you when possible.

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After 30 seconds or so return to the room, if your puppy bites you again repeat this method. If you see a reduction in puppy biting, them this method may be for you. Even as his bite becomes softer, continue to express the fact that no biting feels good, and that this is not acceptable behavior.

When you reach to pet your dog with one hand, offer him a chew toy with the other. This will give him something to bite on other than your hand while he learns that petting is great. When he begins to lick and not use his teeth, praise him and offer him a treat. This teaches him that affection is good as long as it does not turn to biting.

Once the puppy biting problem is no longer as serious and he’s responding to training, teach him the “off” command. Hold a dog treat in a closed hand and issue the command. If your dog doesn’t touch your hand for a short period of time, say “take it”, and reward him with the treat. This will train him that “off” means not to touch. Once he learns this, you can use this command whenever you see a puppy bite coming.

In bad biting cases, as soon as your puppy latches onto your hand say No! Quickly put your thumb inside his mouth under his tongue, and your other finger under his chin. Hold it there for about 10 seconds (not too tightly). This will feel uncomfortable to your puppy, plus he won’t be able to bite you.

Again if your puppy has a severe biting problem you can try this training technique. Put on a pair of gloves and apply a foul tasting substance to them. Your dog will soon learn that if he bites you, it won’t taste good. This method produces a strong negative association to your dog every time he decides to bite you. Some dogs are smart enough to realize that when you take your foul tasting gloves off, it is fine to sink their fangs into you again!

For older puppies (around 6 months) this is a great way to stop puppy biting. Put a pinch or choke collar on your puppy and each time he bites you give the lead a short sharp tug. This correction will be an unpleasant association to your dog every time he bites you. It won’t take him long to stop.

These are just a few ideas on how to keep a puppy from biting, but they are extremely effective for most people. Stopping puppy biting will take a lot of patience and work, but it will be well worth it once you have an affectionate dog that knows not to use his teeth on skin.

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