Vespa Touchscreen – Quang Nguyen mods his Vespa

After reading a number of blogs and forums I came across an article stating that Quang Nguyen (winner of Amerivespa Concours d’Elegance ) has pushed the modding craze one step further. Whilst I admit to have added a few extra mirrors or maybe even a sticker to my Vespa’s, Quang has gone an put a touch screen XP capable PC into the front of his GTS250!

Touch Screen Vespa


Looking at the picture it looks like he has somehow fitted the PC into the front end of his GTS250. I also notice that he has a nice set of speakers directly below the screen and I wonder how easy these could used these whilst riding? In the UK mobile phones are illegal to use whilst driving/riding (come on you have all at least tried.) I wonder if watching Quadrophenia whilst bombing down the motorway will get the attention of the old bill?



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