SYMBA scooter is finally here

Today is a big day for fans of the Honda Club. Finally SYM has released the SYMBA scooter in the United States

Through its United states distributor, Carter Brothers Manufacturing Co., Inc., Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd., (SYM) is pleased to announce the arrival of the “SYMBA” – the U.S. version of its popular “WoWOW”.


With the SYMBA scooter now released, SYM now offers the full range from 50cc-300cc. The SYMBA was called the SYM’s Wowow in Asia but the name change reflects the Honda “tiger cub” roots.


SYM  actually manufactured the Honda tiger club for over 40 years so they know what they are doing.


So what about the SYMBA key statistics?

  • It will Cost = $ 2,598
  • Maximum Speed = 56 mph
  • Mileage (mpg@mph) =153@25
  • Fuel Capacity(gal) =1.08

The New SYMBA will also come with few accessories such as the front basket, large rear rack and bench seat:

For all of the  Honda Cub fans who miss their little machine your are now lucky at getting a chance to ride one again.


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