Taking Your Research Further

Very often people get discouraged after they did all they could do – or thought so – and just don’t get a break through. There are no more traces to be found. Not every family has a wonderful history being passed down from parents to children. There are even families with no tell tale history at all. How to take your research any further? Taking some time to explore the Internet – as we suggested in the previous chapter – is one of the things you can do.

The Internet is full of valuable resources to help your investigations. Church organizations have complete databases that can help you to find your family members. There are military records, war records, or ‘just’ databases that can be full with information about your family because other people are trying to find information too. So it can be very helpful to consult these files.

If the results are not that satisfying you can go to message boards, certain forums and genealogical blogs to give you a hand. They might not have information on your family – that would be rather coincidental – but they can give you good advice on how to find people. So you see the worldwide web is bursting with information to help you along with your research. In case you really get stuck you can always consider the help of a professional, as we showed you in one of the previous chapters.

Don’t give up! There are hundreds of resources available and more are becoming easily available at your fingertips!

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