Terapeak Review

Selling the right products (The things that people want) on eBay to create a solid, profitable income stream requires one very special ingredient…


Before you spend a big wad of cash on Stock or before you think you’ve found the perfect product to sell on eBay, you need the facts.

Facts such as how many people are searching for a particular keyword (or the items you sell), the trend of that search (i.e. time of day, week or year) and what categories are hot.

So many people take a gamble to see if something sells on eBay after the fact – i.e. After they have purchased their pallet or imported their container (oh no!!). Only to find out that it can’t sell on eBay and they are stuck with stock they cannot move.

terapeakThere is a better way and that’s with the right research tool. Terapeak was designed for the serious sellers on eBay to help them make informed decisions to follow through or not on selling a certain product on eBay.

What I really like about Terapeak is it’s ease of use and logically laid interface. Simply enter a product name or keyword and Terapeaks internal database then views live search results from eBay.

You can search via sellers, catergories, what’s hot and really customise any search you can think of. It’s not the same as eBay Pulse or eBay’s general search. This gives you the insider secrets!

It goes alot deeper and gives you that all important information (your competitors don’t really want you to know)

Check out the Terapeak Website here.

All the Best with Your eBaying,

Ben Braide


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