How to Make Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Teriyaki beef jerky recipe ideas have become more popular than ever before, as lovers of this convenient snack food search for alternatives. The methods of producing beef jerky are tried and tested, and often passed through generations of family members. Therefore, you will find that once you find the ultimate recipe, you will use it over and over.

Beef jerky is a healthy snack food that people of all ages can enjoy, and if you have some knowledge of the process behind making this incredible food, you can produce your own. You may consider making your own jerky a novelty; however, many people have been preserving food in this way for years.

Dehydrating beef is an incredibly simple process, which will allow you to enjoy this fantastic snack regardless of where you are. The process of dehydrating may seem daunting, however, once you understand the process it becomes far clearer. You may want to begin by dehydrating the beef in your oven; however, if you enjoy the process, you may want to invest in a dehydrator.

Plain beef jerky is tasty; however, changing the flavor is simple to do with a teriyaki beef jerky recipe. You will need to select the meat which you are aiming to dry, and prepare it correctly to ensure that the recipe is perfect.  Any part of the cow can be used for jerky; however, the leaner cuts of meat are preferred and will taste excellent.

Sirloin, round and flank are all excellent cuts to marinade in the teriyaki sauce and dehydrate, to produce your jerky. You need to decide how much meat you want to dry, and you should be sensible in the beginning, and not attempt too much. Cutting the meat correctly, is essential, to ensure that all of the gristle and fat is removed.

You should cut the beef in too long, thin strips ensuring that it is not too thick, or the beef will not dry correctly.  Also, the beef will need to be cut even, or some parts will dry far quicker than others. If you are worried that you cannot cut it correctly, freezing the beef before slicing will make it far easier. Once the beef is slices you can marinade it in the teriyaki seasoning, creating the ultimate teriyaki beef jerky recipe.

Check out this Youtube Video on making a tasty Teriyaki and Garlic Beef Jerky

The beef should be marinated for at least 10 hours, to ensure that the flavors have penetrated the meat. Once you are happy that the beef is ready, you can begin the drying process by laying the slices of beef on a plate tray with none touching each other. You want to ensure that the air flow can surround every piece of beef. The beef jerky is ready and dry enough when the meat will crack, but not break when it is bent.

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