How to Get Rid of Termites

There are several specie types of termites, but they can can all cause major damage to your house. They can totally destroy the wood structure of your house, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair. So if you have termites, you definitely need to know how to get rid of them.


Liquid pesticides have been used for years around the outside of your house. Professionals spray the ground around the house with a heavy saturation of these pesticides. Professionals (who know how to get rid of termites) also spray the foundation of the house and in the cracks.

These liquid pesticides are called termiticides. One type of termiticides works by actually discouraging the termites to enter the treated zone. The other type of termiticides that can be used kills termites in their tracks.

You do have to be concerned about your pets and kids while this treatment is being applied. Make sure they are in the house.
The liquid pesticides work far longer than other methods. They are also improving the chemical makeup of these to make them more eco friendly. The chemicals used today are not as harsh on the environment compared to what was used even in the late 1990’s

One of the newer ways of how to get rid of termites is the bait systems. Baits are set around the perimeter of the house. The termite gets the bait and takes it back to the colony. The bait is either a growth inhibitor or bait that kills the termites. Either one eventually kills off the colony.

The downside of these bait systems is that they are slow acting. If your house is totally infested you probably need a faster acting method to rid yourself of the termites.

If you are in the process of building your house, you may consider a Borat wood treatment to protect your house from termites. Sodium Borate can be put on all the wood structure if you do it as you are building your house.

The way Sodium Borate works is that it makes the protozoa dies that helps the termites assimilate the wood. The termite starves and dies.You can also use Sodium Borate after you build the house but it is not as effective.

Fumigation is another method used to win the fight against termites. Fumigation uses a deadly gas to get rid of the termites. The two gases that are used are Sulfuryl Fluoride and Methyl Bromide. No people, pets, or plants should be in the house during fumigation.

Any food or any medicines should be removed or bagged. Many other precautions need to be taken before fumigating. Check with your exterminator if are using this method to properly prepare.

If you suspect termites, the best advice would be to contact a professional pest control company. Termites out in the bush.. not so bad. Termites in your house.. Not so good!

I hope that you now know how to get rid of termites if you get them. It is vital that you protect your house from these destructive creatures ASAP!

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