The Irish Genealogical Society – It Can Help You Find Your Ancestors!

The Irish Genealogical Society is a wonderful resource for people who are tracing their Irish families.

This all-volunteer organization is based out of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, and includes members in all 50 states and 10 countries around the world.

The society is dedicated to helping people uncover their Irish roots…..and it’s a big task! But the people who run the society are dedicated to what they do and they have a passion for Irish genealogy, which spells good news for you if you’re in the process of digging up your Irish past.

The Irish Genealogical Society offers a lot of benefits for members, many of which aren’t available to the general public.

For example, it has an extensive research library, and library staff members can perform research for members for a small fee.

The library has over 2,500 books, periodicals, CDs, and other materials specific to Irish research, so it’s an excellent source of information on your Irish family lines. The society also puts out a quarterly journal on Irish genealogy research called The Septs, and runs a bookstore where you can purchase hard-to-find Irish research materials.

In addition, the society has a website with online records available to members, and sponsors plenty of educational programs (such as speakers, seminars, and classes) throughout the year.

If you have a passion for Irish genealogy research, the Irish Genealogical Society can help you achieve your research goals. Membership is only $25 a year for U.S. residents and $30 a year for non-U.S. residents. It’s an investment that’s well worth it, as a membership could be just the thing you need to finally unpuzzle your Irish past!


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