The World’s Most Amazing Islands

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos is a group of volcanic islands west of Ecuador. These are the islands that Charles Darwin explored and it is the home to the most exquisite and interesting creatures on earth.

Easter Island

This island in the south Pacific is known for the monumental sculptures known as moai, which were constructed by the Rapanui people. The monuments are cloaked in mystery, much like the stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids, which only adds to Easter Island’s charm.

Lover’s Island

There are several heart-shaped islands in the world, but this particular island in Croatia is so well-defined that the owner changed its name from Galesnjak to Lover’s island. A name that suits it since it has no inhabitants and is practically a desert island.

Palm Islands

The Palm Islands of Dubai are awesome, in the way that it is an engineering feat. Tons of rocks and sand were hauled and moved to the project location in which engineers have to precisely measure the island’s dimensions with sophisticated tools. The islands are yet to be completed but it can already be seen from space.

Gukanjima Island

Gukanjima is an abandoned ghost island in Japan. It was a coal mine settlement built in the 19th century. In the 1970s the coal deposits have been depleted and the settlement was abandoned. What remains in the island are eerie and dilapidated buildings. The government of Japan until now bans anyone from visiting this island.

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