Tracing Your Irish Roots

Tracing your Irish roots can be an exciting and often complex journey. From the very early days of man, families have been the rock on which civilization is built. Very often family history shapes society, the strength of a family caused the rise or fall of every community or group people lived in.

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Throughout all those thousands of years the histories of families were important in uniting people and countries. In today’s hustle and bustle the family still is the first and basic part of every newborn. It’s the starting point for a happy, stable and productive life.

In developed countries our modern life is shaped by individualism. It often seems people are preoccupied with tomorrow rather than looking back. Today’s people are less interested than their predecessors in their roots and their history, you might think. Genealogy is something for the old, stuffy salons in which you drink tea and have endless conversations about members of your family you don’t know. However, the interest in investigating our history is growing fast. Getting to know your family and your family’s history is becoming more and more popular.

The Webster dictionary defines ‘genealogy’ as an account of the descent of a person, a family or a group from an ancestor or from older forms, or the study of family pedigrees.

It’s the science of relationships within a family, from the past into the present. Everyone has different reasons to search his personal history. You can perform a simple investigation like gathering all the names of relatives and putting up a family tree. Or you can do an exhaustive research and document the lives and experiences and events of members of your family. You can create a book about your Irish family’s history, leaving something very worthwhile for the generations to come.

Searching for your family’s history is a lot easier, more interesting and exciting today with the modern tools we have. You can now scientifically identify people who share your ancestry, thanks to DNA techniques.

Easy DNA is recommend by the Irish Genealogical website.

Databases on the Internet and in-numerous websites make it simple for you to research simple facts on people that belong to your history. Like where they lived, their education, personal data and even names they may have used. Some computer software is designed to give you the help you need in putting up that family tree.

For a list of 5 really good websites to use to trace your ancestry check out the Top Irish Ancestry sites here.

Looking into your Irish family’s history can be very exciting and interesting. It like a hunt for the treasure, with unknown and exotic places awaiting you. Just start simply by talking to members of your family and gather and store their memories. Family genealogy is probably the most personal adventure of your life!

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