What is a Trojan Horse Virus?

“What is a Trojan horse virus?” is a question that many people ask, typically after their computer has been infected.

Protecting your computer against viruses is essential, and understanding what they are, and the damage they can do is vital.

Therefore, taking the time to research Trojan horses and understanding the potential damage it can do to your computer is crucial.

Computer Virus

A Trojan horse will affect every area of your computer and will often contain several nasty applications. This will typically delete, damage and destroy all of your vital files and information on your computer. You may not be aware that you have a virus, as the Trojan horse is typically disguised as a file that you will need.

Many times the Trojan horse virus will appear on your computer as an application that you need to use. This is why so many people download the virus, without realizing they have placed their computer at risk. Understanding in full what is a Trojan horse virus can help you in the future, and ensure that you are not placing your computer at risk.

The makers of the Trojan horse viruses are incredibly clever, and will disguise the virus as a program to destroy viruses. This will make you more inclined to download the program, and unfortunately, infect your computer. The term virus is often connected with a Trojan horse, however, they are not the same, and affect your computer in different ways.

A Trojan horse will not replicate itself, and once activated will be able to access folders, files or even your complete system. The Trojan horse will typically enter your computer through a method called the back door. Therefore, it can be difficult to stop the Trojan horse entering your computer, unless you have top quality antivirus software installed.

Before you rush out to purchase antivirus software, you need to understand what is a Trojan horse virus as this will ensure that you purchase the correct program. You need to install an antivirus, which is dedicated to worms and Trojan horses. Updating frequently and running daily will help to protect your computer against threats.

You will also need to ensure that you scan all emails before they enter your system and that there is an automatic alert if there is an issue or threat. One of the best ways to protect your computer from a Trojan horse is to install a firewall. This straightforward method of protection has proven time and time again, that it can protect from Trojan horses.

If you are unsure of what is a Trojan horse, you need to research and learn as much as you can about this virus.

People who are more aware are likely to be able to protect their computer in the future.

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Installing top quality antivirus programs will protect you, and ensure that the Trojan horse has less chance of damaging your files.


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