Are you a Vespa Girl – or do you dare to ride a Black Vespa?

After some discussion with the team at nyscooterclubI feel I have gained a little more insight in to the world of female scooterists. In my last post I made the point that I felt a lot of my earlier posts were aimed at male scooterists. But as aawatters posted in nyscooterclub forum:

“Some gal’s are into vintage scooters… some prefer getting dirty to fix a broken cable”

I believe that due to my ignorance I fell into the trap of treating female scooterists as the stereotypical “pink vespa” crowd. I thought that just because my posts were about vintage scooter restoration they would not be of interest to the female scooterists out there.

Who am I targeting the post at now?

To define women as only interested in Pink scooters would be as ludicrous as saying that all British scooter riders are only interested in vintage scooters.

It seems that when it comes to scooters we all have our different interests regardless of our chromosome makeup.

This is great!

Now I can stop worrying about creating specific posts for each gender and just write great posts that I hope will be of use to all scooter enthusiasts.


  1. Crystal / girlbike June 9, 2008
  2. aawatters August 8, 2007

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