Vespa on Pandora

As part of the latest marketing campaign for Vespa, Piaggio have launched a number of radio stations on the online radio station: Pandora.


You will be able too listen to the Vespa radio station at the start of June.

Part of  The “Vespanomics” campaign, its all about pushing the environmental benefits of Vespa ownership.

“Turns on a Dime, Runs on a Nickel”

“Smart Looks, Smarter Purchase.”

If you register with the Pandora Vespa radio station then you will also get a chance to win a new Vespa S50. I think we also saw the possibility of getting a vintage Vespa t-shirt but i am not sure how you do it.

The main stations are called:

“Vespa Mods and Rockers” – Which i can only assume will  have some decent mod mod music – I will  listening to this one.

“Vespaliscious”  and “Vespa Liberate” – Will wait for the stations to go live, to find out what they play on here.

“Vespa indie channels” – Obviously this will contain some decent indie music so another decent station.

When the music channel goes live, i think it would worth checking out to find out what Vespa related tunes they are playing.

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