So you want to race your vintage Vespa motor scooter?

During the 1960’s in the United Kingdom, Scooter shops would compete to produce their own unique and individual scooters based on either a Piaggio Vespa or an Innocenti Lambretta.

These scooters were often tuned with their own unique paint work and their own identity and then put out on the track to race!


One of the special characteristics of these powersports Vespa’s is that they all use the classic scooters small frame. After riding one of these Vespa small frames I have to say that for me personally they are one of the most fun to ride. The position of your legs and arms when mounted on the scoot gives a totally unique feeling of complete control over the scooter. This all helps you take corners a lot sharper which is the aim of any racing motorcycle/scooter.

Out of all the classic Vespas the small frames are the easiest and most suitable for engine tuning. The fact that all the small frame engines are of the same 45 degree angle design means that many of the tuning kits available for one model can easily be adapted for others.

The most popular tuning kits available are:

  • Pinasco 75cc : Pinasco cylinders are recognized as being of some of the highest quality builds in the world
  • Malossi 135cc : Most powerful tuning kit
  • Polini 133cc : This kit offers good Speed and a whole lot of fun, not quite as fast as the Malossi but recommended as offers probably the best balance between speed, reliability and cost.

If a fun fast ride is what you want then I would recommend you look at restoring a classic small frame Vespa.



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