What every body ought to know about buying a kymco

Pick the scooter that fits you the best. You may recognize that you would grow out of a 50cc size too soon.

In the Kymco line up, the People 150 is the most popular model with female riders. It seems to have the size, power, and light weight to be gal friendly.

A 150 will allow two up in town and still have enough power. Some males will likely find it a bit small but it will most likely get you around around town nicely and Kymco sells a lot of them to guys for an in town commuter scoot.

If you are in the market for a bigger scooter. An Exciting 500 is definite option.

Buying your first bike is like cooking..You can always add more salt later on..but if you put too much upfront the meal is ruined..

The dealer you buy from is as important as the scooter you buy.

What is the main purpose for your scoot? Will you be just going down to the local market for goodies, will you be scooting around town to sight see? Will you be commuting? What speed limits will you be encountering? What actual speeds will you be encountering? – Are all great questions you should be asking yourself!

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