Win 250 performance vs People S200

I actually own both a PS200 and a PS250. There are definite benefits and drawbacks to both.

The PS200 is much more nimble and took me in quite a few off-road environments. It is light and really quick (much quicker from 0 – 15 than the PS250), and is great around the city. One of the largest drawbacks is that the fuel tank cap is under the seat in the storage
compartment, and anything in this area will undoubtedly end up smelling like gas (no matter how careful you are). I found the top speed to be approximately 65MPH.

The PS250 is definitely great on the high end. It is much more stable at higher speeds (I consistently run on the freeway at 85MPH (speedometer speed, not actual)). It is very comfortable even when there are wind gusts. The largest drawbacks that I have found is that the chassis clearance is lower than I would like (but probably necessary) and that it is significantly heavier (again, probably more a plus than a ‘drawback’).

They both get between 60 – 70 MPG and are really great bikes. I currently have my PS200 for sale to help my PS250 justification, but secretly hope that it doesn’t sell (don’t tell my wife[g]).

One way or the other, you will be extremely pleased. It just depends on what you are looking for.

Note: When I refer to MPH I am going by the speedometer. I have found that scooters actually run approximately 5MPH higher than actual speed (verified by a GPS and scooter


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