3 Tips for Choosing a Flatscreen TV

In this article we will take a closer look at 3 great tips for choosing a flatscreen TV.

First of all, ask yourself why you want a flat screen television.  Is it because everyone you know has at least one and you do not want them visiting your home and seeing your old, clunky television?

Or is it because you have seen the quality of a flat screen television and you prefer it?

If, like many people, you are considering whether or not to purchase a flat screen TV the following 3 great tips for choosing a flatscreen TV will surely help you in your quest:

1.  The Flat Screen Issue

Plasma, high definition, liquid crystal, etc., are all available in the flat screen variety.

Samsung TV

There are also the now older style cathode ray tube televisions, or CRT TVs and these are generally not as expensive as the more high-end makes and models.  However, although these have a flat screen they do not share the same features.  They are also not as capable as pricier televisions.

So, although a TV might indeed boast a flat screen, it does not automatically follow that it is a plasma or LCD screen, and therefore the picture quality you are expecting is not going to be what you ultimately end up with.

2. Go for flat

CRT TVs are not as slim as the more expensive models that are available.

Some brands manufacture models that are slimmer than usual so, although they might not be quite as slim or sleek as some plasmas and LCDs, they will still offer great picture quality and compliment your living room nicely.  Although cheaper, the good price does not compromise on the quality.

3. Should you go with Plasma or Liquid Crystal?

Whether you choose a plasma display or a liquid crystal display (LCD) you can expect good quality. Either one will be flat and offer good cinematic quality. LCDs are generally lighter than plasmas however.

Plasma TVs are usually rather large so if size is what you are after this would be the way to go.  Of course that isn’t to say that LCDs are not available in impressive sizes but perhaps, like most, you have to consider a budget.  Both types of display have their own advantages that make either one a good choice when you want to purchase a flat screen television.

In 2013 I would seriously only consider a couple of brands for your television needs…

Samsung and Sony

If you go a generic brand, don’t expect the best quality or longevity.

And One More Tip for Luck!

Remember, TVs are intended for viewing and if the image quality is less than great most of us would rather not watch.  Unless you can afford to purchase a good quality flat screen TV that will deliver good picture quality, it really is not worthwhile investing in one. And hey, the longer you wait – The better the technology is going to get.

Always take the time to check the performance of the TV you are considering.  Note where shades of black contrast with either white or colors. Also check high-speed scenes.

If you do not encounter any problems, chances are you have found your flat screen!


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