7 Top Money Making Ideas for Kids

Instead of having your kids always borrowing money from you to buy what they want, why not help them develop some money making ideas. The top ones are the same as when you began to earn you own spending cash.

This is a list of 7 that are sure to generate fun. Kids today aren’t being taught how to make their own money until after they leave college, why? Is it because we as parents have forgotten to teach the value of a dollar and the those memories of summers we spent mowing yards and the winters we spent shoving the driveways of our neighbors have been lost on this generation? I don’t think so.

The creativity of your kids on how to make money might surprise you, if they knew that you would support their ideas to make money (with a small investment from you, its called time) they would surely come up with some top ideas. Some of the best are;

Kid Holding CoinsSelling Second Hand Stuff on eBay

How much stuff does your kid have laying around that they don’t play with anymore but you find yourself tripping over constantly? You could probably list about 20 things that are just collecting dust.

Why not teach your kids about the power of the internet to sell things. You will need to open an eBay account in your name and then watch them decide what they want sell. It’s easier than a garage sale and it’s not seasonal which makes it a great idea. Checkout the Top Guides on learning “How to Sell on eBay”

Cleaning Up Yard Debris

When springtime comes there is always a lot of yard work to do. If your kids are too young to push a law mower or use heavy equipment then just cleaning up neighborhood properties is a great way to beautify the street they play on and the same ones you drive down.

Offer to help move the big stuff if they will rake leaves and gather fallen limbs and sticks. Charge what you think is fair, $5.00 -$7.00 a yard and when people see a group of kids cleaning and making it look nice neighbors will talk. You will need some sturdy trash bags. Have the kids ask neighbors if they can clean, kids are not bashful about offering their services and it may even give you a chance to meet your neighbors.

Recycling Aluminum

This one is pretty easy because it requires little investment, mostly gas in the car or van. Have kids get some sturdy trash bags and start walking around parks and neighborhoods and schools. Once you have a good amount of aluminum collected take it to the recycling plant and watch the money add up.

I used to do this sitting on the back of my grandpa’s pickup while he drove down the side of the highway, times were different then but the joy of seeing the money we literally picked up off the ground made it all worth while.

Helping Deliver Groceries

If you live near a grocery store you might ask if there are any patrons that need help getting their groceries delivered. Some times people can’t make it to the grocery store but they still need to have food.

Offer one day a week to help deliver groceries to the elderly or shut in. It will be a great way for kids to see that everybody needs help. Many people will pay for this service.

Lemonade Stand

This is an American staple; you did it and had fun. Why not let your kids have that memory too? You can also modernize their lemonade stand and offer Strawberry Lemonade or Peach Tea, mix it up and watch your little waiters and waitresses serve their thirsty public.

Charge a little bit for each cup, offer some snacks as well. Make up zip lock bags of pretzels and peanuts to keep them coming back. Increase traffic by having games to play while you visit, kids love to hang out in groups. This is always a top money making idea.

Newspaper Route

Having a regular paper route is very time consuming. There are local papers or penny papers that businesses advertise in that can be delivered in the evening instead of early in the morning. It not only builds character it teaches kids about responsibility.

I had a route when I was a kid and when I got older I had a route with a major newspaper, I made more money that my friends who worked retail and I only worked about 15 hours a week.

Teaching Computers

Today’s generation is computer savvy, while many people don’t even know where to start. If you think that your child has the skills to teach others how to navigate the internet or teach them how to operate a computer make up flyers that offer this service. Many will be grateful for somebody to show them the basics. This is top of the list for those who love computers and want to show people how easy they are.

Wishing You Great Success,

Adrian M.


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