How Do I Sell Things On eBay?

There’s no doubt that it’s a seller’s world out there.  Are you asking yourself, “How do I Sell Things on eBay?”  Follow these easy steps to get started, and turn your spare goods into spare change.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re beginning a home-based business or just earning some spare money:  If you want to learn about How do I Sell Things on eBay, you start by setting up an account, with a credit card, debit card or just a bank account.  You won’t be able to list an item for a few business days, until eBay verifies your account information.

You can also let eBay “ID Verify” you by providing your address and driver’s license.  This costs five bucks, but only if you are approved.  It allows you a lot more freedom, such as the Buy Now option.

Smart sellers also establish a PayPal account.  Once you’re set up, you can receive and send out money from your account, transfer it into your checking account, and more.

All right:  Now that you’ve established your qualifications, you are probably still wondering:  How do I Sell Things on eBay.  Go to the top right-hand corner of eBay and click on Sell.  You’ll see a banner that invites you to start selling.  Just below it, find a plain window; type in the item you’re selling.  If you enter Aeropostale Blouse, you learn that these have earned from $0.01 to $16 with an average sale of $7.02.  Browse through listings to see what something similar has sold for.

Return to the Start Selling button.  Click that, and you can describe your item with at least three descriptive words-blue women’s Aeropostale blouse.  A range of categories drops down to pick how you want to list your item.  You pay an insertion fee for each one, but you maximize your chances to find a buyer.  Decide carefully!

You must also prepare to answer questions from interested parties.  People can email you through eBay-they won’t be able to find your personal eBay account.  You can also set up auto-responder questions.  The first method can slow down a sale, which is critical at the end of your auction period.  The second method is rapid but it can frustrate someone who wants more information than the auto-response provides.

Every step of the way, eBay helps you along.  As you write your ad, you can click for help.  There is a simple selling form and another that offers more options.  You can add sales tax if applicable where you live, and there is a Handling Cost field to show buyers how much you’ll charge to ship the item.  Certain categories limit how much you can charge.  The shipping costs should be calculated considering how the buyer wants the item shipped, the size of the item, and the location of the buyer.  You can also use eBay’s Shipping Calculator.

The insertion fee paid at the time you list your item ranges from a few cents to a few dollars.  When your item sells, there’s a Final Value Fee based on the selling amount.  eBay makes this easy to understand with charts.  And, your first five auctions on eBay are free if they’re held within a thirty-day period.

Once you’ve sold your item, be certain to pack it carefully and ship it quickly!  Using the U.S. Postal Service gives you the advantage of ordering free boxes, courtesy of eBay. Your continued success on eBay depends on good ratings from your customers.  If anyone wonders “how do I sell things, on eBay” it’s easy and economical.  I wouldn’t do it any other way!

All the best with your eBay Selling and make sure to check out my reviews of the best “How to Sell on eBay” guides.

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