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Whenever you come to Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, you’ll realise that you’ve reached one of the largest cities in all of Australia. It’s located near the southwest tip of the continent, right on the edge of the Indian Ocean and situated along the Swan River.

The Aborigines who populated this corner of Australia about 200 years ago called it “Boorloo.” These were the Noongar people, basically hunters who roamed the wetlands just north of the city proper, and their numbers began to dwindle in the mid-1800s as the area became populated by miners and farmers. Perth gradually gained status as a processing centre for mineral resources such as gold, iron ore, nickel, coal, oil, and even diamonds.

Besides serving as an industrial stronghold, Perth showcases for its residents and visitors a plethora of plant and animal species, especially in Kings Park, which is on the west side of the business district.  Larger than Central Park in New York City, Kings Park offers everything from botanical gardens to native bushlands preserved since 1872.

Perth CityMany people the world over know Perth as the “City of Light,” famous for the concerted effort by Perth residents to turn on all their lights in 1962 when American astronaut John Glenn flew over in the first-ever orbit of the planet—an effort they repeated in 1998, when Glenn made another pass over as the oldest person to fly in space.  Whether you’re in space, in Kings Park, or just gazing out at the sunset from City Beach, you’ll find beauty and lots to do!

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