About Tattoo Lettering

Tattoo lettering, textual tattoos or even script tattoos, whichever way you prefer to call it, all have one element in common – instead of the tattoo being made up of images and patterns it is made up of texts or words.

This type of theme is becoming very popular that both female and male tattoo enthusiasts and the demands of this theme are increasing greatly. This comes from many tattoo artists. It is something new to the tattoo world in the sense of it not being the common image tattoo or the popular tribal tattoos. Textual tattoos will always be popular because the different languages are rich and alive, and when words are put together they can do beautiful things.

Tattoo Letters A to ZThere are many things that you have to consider when going for tattoo lettering, and these are the phrases or the words that you want tattooed. You should make this your primary concern when you are on your way to the parlour. At the end, as long as the name means something significant to you then never mind the rest. You can choose your child’s name, your spouse or even something inspirational, for example a quotation. Maybe even a verse from the bible will do it for you. How about your favourite line from a movie, poem or a song? There are many things you could use, but you are going to have to think about this very deeply, because you are going to be carrying it until you leave this world.

The next thing you want to think about is the font you are going to use for the tattoo lettering. The most common ones that are used are the old English font and script lettering. However, since these look great, try to keep away from it being too common. You want yours to be yours alone. If you are creative when it comes to designing, why not try and create your own font? This way no one else will have it and no one else will ever have it.

Now you will have to consider the body part where you would like you tattoo lettering done. If you are going for a few lines, then you should try to find ample space, so nothing ends up hiding under your armpit because you ran out of space. Find the right space that will be able to accommodate the phrase or the passage you want done. Some of the areas on the body you could ponder on are: rib, shoulder blades, back, and arm. If you are going for about three words, or maybe five, how about the wrist, neck, ankle or foot as an option?

Make the tattoo lettering original and unique as possible. Make sure that you choose your style carefully. Remember, keep away from common styles. Work with a tattoo artist that has a great reputation. Let him/her ink you and make you proud of your tat. You are going to have it until the day you leave this world, so it has to be worth it.

Celebrity Tattoos with Lettering

What’s your favourite tale of the power that tattoos lettering carries for us?  We love the story of Johnny Depp who, in his younger years, spent quite some time with Winona Ryder firmly ensconced on his arm.

Depp was so committed to their relationship that he decided to commemorate it:  To balance out a tattoo honouring his mother on his left bicep, he added a tattoo to his right bicep declaring “Winona Forever.”  When they ended their relationship in 1993, however, he was stuck with tattoos lettering that told a lie.  So what did he do?  The future Captain Jack simply laser-erased two letters from it.  From that day forward his arm lettering has declared him simply to be “Wino Forever.”

Tattoos lettering can be a label on an image that you’ve tattooed on your body.  You might have it inked in below the graphic design you’ve chosen, or maybe as a banner across the design.  It can also stand on its own as a tattoo, without any image.  When you choose your lettering style, you are showing off your style, your moxie, or even your chutzpah.

Lettering on its own, without an image, is powerful.  It succeeds in capturing people’s attention to get a real look at what your message is.  You can just use initials to abbreviate your cause or message; this was the original form of tattoos lettering.  Or you can go wild and tattoo long sections of text on your body-remember Cady in “Cape Fear” with his ominous Bible verses.  Either way, you’re bound to make an impact.

What do you want your tattoo to say?   Most people use this form of art-skin art-to show that they belong to a special group.  Often it’s used to pledge love.  Many people use tattooing to demonstrate their belief in a religion or show that they’ve achieved a cultural rite of passage.   Yet others use it to declare their mystical roots.  Or you can choose a line from a poem, the passage from a book, the logo of a favourite product.

The lettering sets the tone of the tattoo-is it playful, tongue-in-cheek, or solemn?  Probably the number one most popular lettering font is Old English.  Think of the lettering on signs in taverns-or Robin Hood movies.  Arabic or Hindu lettering is popular.  Playful slender lettering with curlicues is popular, or Edwardian script, or you can pick something like the lettering from a certain mouse-inspired cartoon company.

When you decide on tattoo lettering, you have four basic options:  The text size, the font, the colour, and the location.  Consider all of these points before you dive in:

* The size must be large enough so that it can be read easily.  Thinner fonts require less spacing than larger fonts.  (But don’t forget you can even mix fonts.)
* The sun might fade it.  Ask your tattoo artist about sunscreen products.
* Certain colours contain trace metals, and if you ever need an MRI it could become distorted.
* All tattoos, whether graphic images or text, will bleed over the years.
* And be certain to ask your tattoo artist whether you’ve chosen a good location.  Some parts of the human body are more prone to sagging than other parts, and you don’t want your eagle to some day look like a buzzard.
* If you choose a foreign language for your tattoo lettering, be certain your artist knows exactly what he’s drawing into your skin.  Something in one language can, with one letter changed, take on a whole new meaning in another language.

Before you commit yourself, be certain that your tattoo has a message that will remain important to you forever.  Who can forget, on the first “Rock of Love” television reality show, how enraged Heather was when Brett Michaels dumped her just days after she had his name tattooed on the back of her neck?


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