Body Fat Loss

A dieter goes through the mistake that many Americans do… they starve themselves in hopes of losing the weight. Within a few months the scale does return more pleasing numbers. The dieter may even be able to fit into smaller clothes, appearing to the public to look ‘better.’ But this is all on the surface.

Once the clothes are taken off, a dieter will discover that there are still ‘fatty’ areas on their body. To get rid of this fat the dieter must go through a body fat loss regime. A proper body fat loss regime will involve building muscle through exercise and diet.

When it comes to body fat loss and exercising, weight lifting tends to be the best choice. This is because weight lifting, unlike other types of exercises, actually builds muscle.

Additionally, the muscle that is gained doesn’t necessarily have to show, if the dieter is a woman. With weight lifting programs such as The Firm, women can still build muscle without worrying about having their bodies look like professional body builders.

As far as body fat loss and dieting, a person needs to be familiar with just one word: protein. Increasing protein consumption helps aide the body in the process of converting more fat to muscle.

The best source of protein will come from lean meats, though a person must make sure to never go on a protein-only diet, like what is promoted with Atkins. In its extreme form a protein-only diet could cause protein poisoning, which can be lethal.

Yet, even in lesser forms protein-only diets can adversely affect one’s health. For this reason one should always make sure to consume some carbs and fats.

How can a person know how much body fat loss they are achieving? 

They can buy a special scale that displays the overall percentage of body fat.

Healthy body fat percentages will range from 14 to 25 percent, with women being allowed a higher body fat percentage than men.

It should be noted that in the quest for increased body fat loss, dieters must not go overboard. The body needs a certain amount of fat for normal functioning. If a person’s body fat percentage goes below this level, one’s health could be in jeopardy.

Fortunately, as long as a person makes sure they are eating some carbs and fats and not over-exercising, they should not have any problems with too much body fat loss.

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