BPM DJ Software

Being a DJ is one of the more interesting jobs for contributing in the music industry because it gives you the chance to show off your talent without any singing or dancing involved if you are not that good with the two.

It is also one of the more social jobs where you can get some excellent feedback from audiences that may listen to you via radio or may join you in a party as you try to turn up the mood for the crowd.

DJ in action

Making this possible requires a lot of talent in timing, understanding beats, choice of music, and sequencing.  Even If you have all of the ingredients, you will still need the hardware including turntables, CDJs, and mixers.  While performing with these equipment and skills, a lot of work needs to be done in swapping media for proper sequencing and solely relying on headphones for accuracy.  The lights need to be controlled as well to keep the setting in sync with the music.  When DJ software was introduced, possibilities in performing expanded greatly and also offer a lot of convenience for even the most experienced DJs.

How Music and Mixing DJ Software Help DJs

Depending on the DJ software being used, it can replace all of those turntables and CDJs that can clutter up the booth.  Instead, a powerful laptop or desktop is used with the DJ software installed.  Other components like mixers and sound cards will still be used and hooked up to the PC.  This can be very advantageous to the DJ since all modern laptops and desktops have very high storage capacities to hold tens of thousands of CD quality tracks that are within reach.  Providing that these tracks are properly titled, DJ software can do the rest in cataloguing the music so it can easily be searched or playlists can easily be created.

Software for Music and Mixing

Some of the better software out there can go as far as detecting the BPM and even automatically synchronizing the bpm with the other song that is playing so that more time can be focused on putting the set together.  If the proper equipment is plugged in, playing using DJ software should yield the same professional experience as traditional disc jockeying with added benefits including the software interface, easy selection of tracks, and multitasking where lights can be controlled as well.

Software for Lighting Control

It is very important for the lighting configuration to be in-line with the type of music that is currently playing.  If a proper configuration is all setup, the software may intellectually decide on the lighting without much user intervention. Professional lighting software usually provides more creative possibilities in using the lighting systems.  It also gains a significant advantage over hardware lighting controls because of the fact that the software can be upgraded or patched to newer versions that may add new features.

There are plenty of DJ software available and future versions are continuing to develop in preparation for newer hardware that is specifically made to work for computer systems.


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