Breast Lift Procedure

Breast lift procedures are done on those whose breasts have begun to sag. This usually occurs after a person has given birth. If you are experiencing this, a breast lift procedure may be for you.

This procedure involves cutting into the breast and taking out excess fat from the bottom of the breast. The breast lift occurs when the nipple is repositioned on top of the breast. This procedure can be painful afterwards and can take a few weeks to recover from.

Most patients report pain for a few days. Patients who have a breast lift will have to wear a surgical bra for a few days and then a cloth bra for a few weeks before returning to their usual bras.

While this procedure is uncomfortable, a breast life is not considered major surgery. You should still research the surgeon involved before electing to have the surgery.

Anytime a person is put under anesthesia, they should research the surgeon to make sure they are reputable. A breast lift involves less risk for infection, but should not be taken less seriously.

Breast Lift Procedure

People who have this surgery usually have not had other surgeries. A breast lift can be expensive, but the recovery time is a lot less than a breast augmentation.

A breast lift usually only takes two or three hours and can be done in a hospital or outpatient center. After having the surgery, you will have to monitor the healing and make sure that infection has not set in.

For those who have a breast lift, the scarring should disappear after a few days. You may not feel sensitivity for a few days, but this should return. A breast lift can help you get your natural shape back in no time.

People who have had a breast lift are normally very pleased with the results.

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