Why Cosmetic Surgery Goes Wrong

In the quest for a better nose, fuller lips or other change, you will run into many examples of cosmetic surgery gone wrong. “Wrong” covers many different areas of plastic or cosmetic surgery. It can be a nose job that looks like something similar to a porky pig nose. There can lips that have been injected to a point that resembles a combination of two or three pair of lips. This is never the desired effect.

Unfortunately, cosmetic surgery gone wrong is not always the result of elective surgery. Cosmetic surgery can become necessary after an accident; it can be the result of a disease or large weight loss. Whatever the reason, the result is not supposed to be devastating disfigurement. It is also a fact that income may not be the reason for a mistake. If you look at some of the top money earners, the result of cosmetic surgery becomes obvious.

Cosmetic Surgery ToolsWhen you approach a prospective plastic surgeon, it is doubtful that you will be shown photos of their mistakes.  Look closely at the successes and then do your best to find former patients. If you have a good relationship with your family doctor, you may want to ask the crucial question, “who would you go to or send a family member to”.

There are extreme cases of cosmetic surgery gone wrong. If you look over news articles, you will run across the now famous “cat woman”. She has had many plastic surgeries to give herself the characteristics of a cat. When money runs out, people have been known to inject olive oil under their skin to give fullness to parts of their face. This has resulted in gross disfigurement due to the self-imposed cosmetic treatment.

Regardless of the type of cosmetic surgery you are seeking, there have been instances of problems.  Breast augmentation can result in a very large dimple in the operative area. This is quite unsightly.  A number of problems can result from plastic surgery. There can be hardening of the implant, drooping of the implant, nerve damage, taking too much skin as a few examples.

A procedure that has gone wrong can result in increased medical bills and permanent emotional damage. The physical pain may ease, but the emotional will take a lot longer.

There are steps you can take to prevent mistakes. Try natural methods before you resort to surgery. Be sure that the surgeon is certified in the speciality. This means passing exams that give certification to speciality surgeons.

If all of the precautions are taken and there is still an instance of cosmetic surgery gone wrong, you may have a lengthy legal battle ahead of you. If you talk to the experts, you will hear that mistakes by qualified surgeons are indeed rare. The issue that concerns you is the possibility that it could be you. Simple errors can result in bruising or swelling more than is normal. In serious cases, there can be leakage in your implant or reactions to anaesthesia, medications or the implant itself. There are instances of fatalities.

Choose carefully and take the expensive step cautiously. The results can be pleasing or devastating if the result is cosmetic surgery gone wrong.


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