Broome Camel Rides

If you’re visiting Western Australia, then prepare yourself: Broome camel rides are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! Considering that Broome is home to one of the most beautiful beaches on the face of the planet, you must include a camel ride as part of your itinerary while you’re visiting in this area.

Where Are the Camels Like?

No matter which camel operator you choose, you are going to fall in love with the camel you ride.

Broome Camels

Most of the camels throughout the Broome area have been raised in the Australian Outback, except for a few raised on farms for miscellaneous reasons. They are all raised with loving firmness so that you can be certain of having a memorable, magical experience.

The hump found on a camel’s back does not contain water, as many people believe. The hump actually serves as a nutrition and fat storage area for the camel. Because camels are native animals of typically hot places, Mother Nature designed their hump so that body fat is minimised throughout the rest of the body, thus keeping them cooler. They also have thick, soft fur to protect them from the heat.  Their beautiful eyes have long lashes to protect them from desert sands. They do not eat meat, and they give milk to their young.

The camel you are likely to ride can be anywhere from just  3 years old all the way up to 30 years old and even beyond.  Humans have been riding them for thousands of years, and once you take your Broome camel ride you’re going to find out why!

When Is the Best Time to Ride?

The time of day you choose really depends on your own body clock—are you a morning person or do you enjoy evening better? Most camel ride operators offer both sunrise and sunset rides—and you can even take a ride in the middle of the day.  No matter when you take a ride, the fine white sands of Cable Beach abutting the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean will take your breath away like no other place on Earth.

When you’re riding in the morning, you are likely to find the beach less crowded from other tourists. The starting time will depend upon the tide, and typically a morning ride lasts about 45 minutes.

In the middle of the day, usually later in the afternoon, you’ll have the shortest ride, just a half hour, but it will cost less. You’ll enjoy the feel of the ocean breeze and the warmth of the sun kissing your face.

Close up of camel on Cable Beach

At night, as it cools down, you can find a one-hour ride, although of course these cost more as well. It’s great to look out into the Ocean and spot dolphins capering about in the water. The sunset on Cable Beach is more breathtaking than any place you’ve ever seen.

Most camel ride operators offer a free photograph for each rider, and there are often deals so that children can ride free when there is a paying adult.

If you’re the timid type, you don’t have to go it alone. Most camels wear double saddles so that two people can ride one camel—but if you’re feeling intrepid, you can ride by yourself. The speed of the ride will be a leisurely 5 kph, but expect a rocking, rolling sensation—and keep your camera tethered to your belt!

Special Camel Rides

Have you considered getting married on Cable Beach, taken to the water’s edge by a camel? Some ride vendors offer special rigging for camels so that the bride and groom can ride atop the camel but under a canopy. The camel will be draped in beautiful traditional scarves or blankets. Even if you have two or three dozen people, there are vendors who can make your wedding day into a special destination event.

Most places will accommodate school or corporate groups, as well. And if you’re stopping at Broome as part of a cruise ship itinerary, ask whether there will be time for a camel ride—some vendors work with ships just for that purpose.

Although most Broome camel ride operators take you along the beach, there are some that will plan a route through the dunes.

Your guide will also regale you with some fascinating stories and bits of camel lore, so besides the ride you’re in for a good story as well.

In the end, no matter what the occasion, all camel rides are special!

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