What to do When Your Dog Has Dry Skin

The frequently occurring dry skin in dogs can be treated with simple home remedies. Here I will present you with some self-help measures for dry skin in dogs.

Dry skin usually indicates a health problem; it more than often means that your dog is not getting all the nutrients it needs for a healthy skin. Therefore, you should firstly optimize your dog’s diet. Solve your dog’s skin problems by giving your dog good quality pet ​​food, which will help improve its overall health, his skin and his coat!

What you could also do is to add a tea spoon of olive or linseed oil to the dog´s food, for this will also help improve the level of moisture in your dog’s skin.

Another cause for dry skin might be that you bath your dog too often. The chemicals contained in the shampoos you use for washing your dog can potentially strip the natural moisture off the skin. This is when your dog’s skin becomes dry.

Just like our skin tends to dry out in winter, this is also true for dogs. So, make sure to not bath your dog too often in winter and use a shampoo that is especially made for dogs with dry skin. This ensures that his/her skin does not dry out more than necessary.

Caress your dog as much as possible. By doing so, you promote the distribution of natural oil on his skin. The skin is thereby kept moist. Brushing your dog’s coat also helps.

Sometimes parasites can cause dry skin in dogs. Dry skin on the ears of your dog is often caused by mites. In this case you should dip a cotton ball in mineral oil and brush the infected area with it in order to get rid of the mites.

In most cases you will discover dry skin in only one spot. So, you might notice that for example only the nose of your dog has dry spots. If this is the case, then this can easily be treated by dipping a cotton ball in olive oil and brushing it over the affected area. This should be done as often as necessary, until your dog’s nose or any other part of their body is fully moist and soft again!

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