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You already know competition at eBay to sell products is intense. Millions of sellers are posting items daily, and some of those are bound to overlap with what you have to offer so if you want to make the most money possible from eBay you need to use every potential competitive advantage you can find.

That includes using the best eBay sellers tools.

Research – Terapeak

One of the most neglected areas of selling on eBay is research. Casual sellers just toss everything up on the site with little concern for what’s going to go over in a big way. Other sellers find a niche and stick to it no matter what.

However, some sellers know eBay sellers tools, like Terapeak, can be very useful in providing information about what should be sold. The Terapeak tool, for instance, allows you to determine which products have the best selling potential, what trends are popular on eBay, which products customers are most eager to pay the most money for, and when the best time to start your auction is going to be. Imagine how much that information will help you when selecting items and starting auctions.

Wholesalers – Salehoo

You may already be familiar with the concept of drop shipping which is becoming increasingly popular on the auction site. Basically, you sell items for a wholesaler who does the shipping on your behalf. You keep all of the revenue minus what it cost for you to purchase the product at wholesale price.

While wholesalers like these can provide a lot of benefits if you’re wanting to make a lot of money via eBay, finding ones to work with has always been one of the biggest challenges. As far as eBay sellers tools go, Salehoo is one of the best if you’re interested in getting involved in this aspect of the auction site.

That’s because Salehoo is a directory of more than 8,000 wholesalers who could be used for drop shopping arrangements. All of the wholesalers in the directory have been verified, too. Plus, Salehoo provides additional information about how to successfully get started in this area. That’s one reason why this is one of the best eBay sellers tools around.

Templates – Auctiva

You probably already know that having a professional-looking, eye-catching page for your products is going to be a great way to bring in potential buyers and increase the going rate for your items.

This free example of eBay sellers tools offers lots of advantages, including more than 1,500 listing templates and free scrolling galleries that can be placed at the bottom of your listing so potential customers can see all of what you have for sale without leaving from that page.

The scrolling gallery alone has the potential to dramatically increase your sales. Images can be hosted for your listings for free and you can add new items more easily with Auctiva’s automated listing process.

Using eBay sellers tools like the ones above can clearly set you apart from the other sellers and can give you a tremendous and profitable advantage.

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