How to Make Fabric Covered Memo Boards

You’ve decided to seek out a memo board that shouts out your personality and proclaims your style.  There’s no better way to accomplish this than with fabric covered memo boards!  These boards can be designed to suit literally any room of the house.  They’ll fit into any space that’s available.

Looking in the stores close to your home or online, you’ll find a variety of fabric covered memo boards.  But nothing is more fun than making your own because it reflects your own taste and coordinates with your surroundings.  So visit your online or neighborhood store to buy the materials you need, and get started!

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First let’s talk about the kinds of fabric you can choose.  There’s something to reflect just about any theme.  There are fabrics patterned with sports teams’ logos. There are fabrics patterned with bright flowers and happy frogs.  Maybe you just want a floral fabric, or something neutral and satiny.

What if you want to add stylish fabric covered memo boards to your rooms to accent your decorating efforts?  If you are selecting new curtains, buy an extra panel.  Use this panel as the fabric that you wrap around your memo board.  Whether it’s a panel of sumptuous damask for your living room or a Spiderman panel for your son’s bedroom, this ensures your board will match the drapes or curtains perfectly!  It works wonderfully whether you use this idea in the kitchen, living room, den, or bedroom.

If you’re getting your furniture reupholstered, buy a little extra fabric for a matching board.  This is another way to coordinate fabric covered memo boards with the individual rooms where you put them.  An interesting alternative for the office or living room is vinyl or so-called pleather in a neutral shade.

Don’t be afraid to get creative!  For a bedroom, buy a set of fairy wings at the local party store-or choose angel or demon wings.  Cut a piece of cork into an oval that will cover the center between the wings.  Buy enough matching sheer fabric to cover the cork.  Spray it with adhesive spray from the craft store, and smooth the fabric over the cork so that there are no wrinkles.  Then you can affix the cork into the center between the wings.  You can design this for either a boy or girl, a young child or a teen, depending on the wings and trim you choose.

Some people like to make fabric covered memo boards with a porous board to cover, a layer of low loft batting to cushion it, and then the fabric covering.   Others leave out the batting as long as the board itself is soft enough to receive a pushpin.  You can use the adhesive spray to fasten the fabric, as we mentioned above.  Or you can stretch the fabric over the board, flip the board over, and staple the fabric in place using an opened-up office stapler.  Just tuck the ends as you staple.

Once you’ve made your fabric memo board, you’ll need decorative pushpins to fasten your photos and notes.  Or you can dress it up with ribbons arranged like latticework; the ribbon intersections hold the notes.

At each intersection of ribbon, you must place a pin of some type.  You can buy a package of rosettes and simply use straight pins to hold them in.  There are also colorful, spherical pushpins, metallic tacks, brads, and pushpins designed with just about any pattern you can imagine.  Any of these fabric covered memo boards will dress up a room, and you can get your whole family involved in the project.

Express Yourself With Fabric Memo Boards

Life is much faster-paced these days. Weeks pass by us in fast motion, with texting, faxing, and Tweeting holding together our network of family, friends, and coworkers. We use our Blackberries and Outlook to manage our schedules. It’s time to slow down and take a look at fabric memo boards.

Think about the last time you showed someone a photograph. Did you hold up your phone or camera so they could see a tiny digital image? Maybe you told them to check out your recent photos on your MySpace or Facebook. Your photos, and your life, deserve a much better presentation than that. You need to choose some fabric memo boards.

They serve as displays that infuse a much-needed dollop of personality into our lives, along with the organization they provide. Fabric memo boards offer everything you can get with a regular cork or drywall board but they add that extra oomph of individuality. And you need several: one in the kitchen, one in your home office or living room, another in your bedroom, and certainly one where you work.

Fabric memo boards are generally corkboards, sometimes corrugated plastics or cardboards, covered with fabric that suits your fancy. You can find them or make them in every size and shape to fit your needs. Big memo boards can add style to a large open area on your wall. Narrow, long types will fit into small places. No matter how you decorate them, the idea is that pushpins will hold in place everything you need to keep your life in order.

The most common types of fabric memo boards are the French style. These are beautifully done with a latticework of ribbon pinned against the fabric-covered board. The ribbon serves not only to decorate but also to secure your photos, reminders, business cards, and more.

You’ll find boards made from a variety of fabrics. You can choose from cotton, twill, polyester, burlap, or any closely woven fabric. Most of them have waterproofing on the back of the fabric-the side that lies against the board. Some of them are equipped with an easel-back style so you can rest them on a tabletop.

Once you begin browsing for fabric memo boards, you’ll find that they come dressed in fabrics that will decorate every aspect of your life. They express whimsy or sentiments, for the kitchen, bedroom, or family room. They can be austere and plain, which you might want for a more formal setting or office. You can find ones to suit children’s rooms or game rooms.

It’s also possible to add your own personal touch to these expressive boards. Pushpins come in a variety of styles. There are patriotic stars or flags. Choose hearts or flowers. There are pushpins that celebrate your hobby-musical instruments or little pencil-shaped pushpins. You’ll find styles to suit your line of work-computers, medical-themed, or real estate signs. Kids will love choosing from Mickey Mouse, Hannah Montana, dinosaurs, or cheerleader accessories. And there are the good old everyday smile faces.

Have some fun with this. Get your family or coworkers involved. Choose fabrics that are meaningful to your lifestyle, and then pick out pushpins to coordinate. You can section off these fabric memo boards so that some parts are utilized for photographs, another part holds cards from your business contacts, and yet another has a little tablet and room for reminder notes. This is a great way to put some pizzazz back into your life!

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