How to make and use your own Ceramic Memo Board

If you are environmentally conscious and love to work with your hands then I have just the project for you. It is quite easy to make and use and will also save the environment by preventing the chopping of trees to a small extent. You can easily make and use your own ceramic memo board and once you make a few, you can also gift it to friends and family.

Everyone requires a memo board or pad to keep important messages and you too might have memo boards near your phone or on your refrigerator. However, these boards use paper that comes from trees. Instead of adding to environmental woes by writing on your paper board, why not use a ceramic memo board along with a marker pen and help save the trees at the same time? You can easily make your own board that can be kept next to your phone or can even stick it on your refrigerator with the help of magnets.

If you are well conversant with clay and have dabbled in pottery then you could even make your ceramic memo board in the shape and size that you desire, although the process would be quite tedious. A better and easier option that I would suggest is to simply visit your neighborhood hardware store and choose a shiny tile. You can choose a size that is suitable for your needs and also choose between a square and a rectangle one.

Choose a Light Color Background

Make sure that the tile is white or is in any other light color so that you can see what you have written on it. You can now make a border on that tile by using paint or even sticking on pieces of wood or any other fancy material. You can also paint the word “Memo” on the top so that others know what that tile needs to be used for, or if you are a good artist you can also paint your favorite cartoon character on one side of the board.

If you plan to use the ceramic memo board for your fridge then you will need to stick magnets at the back. Make sure to stick magnets at each corner of the tile and even at the center if the tile is thick and heavy. You can also buy a marker and stick a pen holder with a matching color to your tile at the bottom left or right corner to hold your marker. Alternatively, tie your marker with a piece of fancy rope or ribbon and stick the other end behind your tile.

You can keep a piece of cloth or a duster nearby to erase old messages. Your ceramic memo board should be dry in a day depending on the paint and glue used on it, and voila! You have your own ceramic memo board that your family and you can use to deliver messages in a visually appealing way!

A ceramic memo board is very easy to make and you can let your imagination go wild when you accessorize your tile. You can go in for a reverse color scheme and use a black tile with a white marker. Make sure that you glue the magnets well if you do not want a swollen toe.

Provide a professional finish to your ceramic memo boards and gift them to your loved ones in future.

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