How to Make Homemade Christmas Gifts

Ideas for homemade Christmas gifts are never ending. Over the years I have given gifts from my kitchen, from my craft store and from my yard. Most were gratefully received. Homemade Christmas gifts are truly gifts from the heart. The thought that you have taken your time to create these gifts is commendable.

Christmas Gifts

Involving your children will make it more special

Some ideas for homemade Christmas gifts you can start early in the season:

1.     Christmas ornaments made from things that you have around the house. There are tons of ideas that are no farther than your entertainment centre and your computer desk. Your CD’s collection can be adorned with a collection of beads and ribbon. Some of the beads can originate from old jewellery that is lying in your jewellery box. Ribbon for hangers can be from the discount store. Simply take a new or used CD and your beads. Glue the beads on the CD in a design you like. Add a ¼ ribbon 6 inches long to the top of the CD. Place a bow over the hanger and leave a bit of curly end for added interest.

2.     Decorative and humorous little snowmen can be made from small clay pots and a few scraps of fabric. Use a small clay pot. Paint the pot white. You can use pom-poms for earmuffs and a small one for the nose. A magic marker can be used to draw eyes and a mouth. Felt in festive colours can be used to form a hat and scarf. You can join seams with glue and no sewing will be needed. These little snowmen faces make great place names, ornaments or package decorations.

3.     Jewellery is always a hit, especially with teens. Trendy bracelets are a welcome addition to any wardrobe. Materials are simple for this fabric bracelet and a variety of colours will ensure that your teen has one for every outfit. By taking a 1″ piece of elastic and cutting it to fit your wrist, you have completed step 1. You do not have to allow for extra elastic; just enough to go around your wrist is enough. Sew the seam on the back. A scrap of fabric about 2 ½ inches wide by 16 inches long is next. Be sure it is preshrink. Fold the fabric in half with the right side in. iron the fabric flat. Sew the seam together with a running stitch or any stitch you are comfortable using. Attach a safety pin to one end of the fabric, grasping one side only. Push the pin into the tube, work it through to the other end, and pull gently. Attach the pin to the elastic, work the elastic through the fabric, and join in the back. Do not join the fabric to the elastic. Once you have finished joining the elastic, repeat the process with the fabric. Iron the seams down and give a bunch to your favourite teen.

4.     Jarred gifts from the kitchen are wonderful. You will need enough 1-quart canning jars to satisfy your list. Christmas print fabric will be on the lid. Cut the fabric into 6″ squares using pinking shears. Using recipes that are readily available on the internet begin to fill your jars. The fabric is placed on the disk that is part of the two-piece lid. Place the disk into the lid and screw the lid on the jar tightly. This is a great opportunity to use your computer. Create recipe cards on your computer that you attach with a Christmas ribbon around the neck of the jar.

No Christmas gift is complete without a card. Mailing cards may be a old-fashioned tradition, but it is a good one to revive when you are giving gifts. Simple programs are available for your computer. There are a variety of papers that can be used. Some are adorned with Christmas themes and others are plain. Different weights of paper or card stock are available at most stores that carry computer paper.

Family projects are very special Christmas is a time when children light up the night with excitement and anticipation. When they are included in the creation of homemade Christmas gifts, there is an added element to the process. Watch closely as you present a gift a child helped to create. You will never have a season of store bought gifts again.

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Wishing you an enjoyable Christmas gift making journey!

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