How to Find an Irish Genealogist to Help With Your Research

Have you ever considered hiring an Irish genealogist? It can be a very good idea. Sometimes, you just need to go right to the source in your Irish genealogy research to get what you need. But what do you do if you can’t make a trip to the Emerald Isle yourself? Hiring a researcher in Ireland to dig around in the archives for you can be your ticket to Irish genealogical success!

But, how do you find a good, reputable Irish genealogist? Fortunately, this part is easy. You can contact the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland for a start. This organization is made up of professional genealogy researchers who reside in Ireland and can conduct research for you “in the field.” The association (also known as APGI) was founded in 1986 as a regulating body to maintain and protect high standards of research among genealogists in Ireland, and to protect the interests of clients of those researchers. If you’re looking for an Irish genealogist of high ethical standards, outstanding skills, and impeccable references, this is the place to find one.

The Association for Professional Genealogists in Ireland has some stringent admissions standards for its members, so you know you’ll be getting high quality work if you hire an Irish genealogist through this organization. To be admitted to APGI, a prospective applicant must have been practicing genealogy full time for at least a year (or part-time for at least two years), have no outside full-time job other than genealogy, and must live in Ireland and work mainly with Irish records. Applicants must also submit a sample of work done for a client, including copies of all documents obtained, a thorough research report, and a statement of permission from the client for the applicant to use the work for application purposes.

If you’ve exhausted all stateside and online resources for finding your Irish ancestors and need more research done in Ireland to get the information you need about your family, then hiring an Irish genealogist from the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland is something you should consider. The members of the association are held to incredibly high standards, so you can hire a genealogist from among their ranks with complete confidence and expect a job well done.


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