Indian Slow Cooker Curry Recipe

Check out this delicious Indian chicken curry recipe…

Here are the basic ingredients for cooking ideas from Anupy Singla…

1. First… blend onions (x2), ginger (Tablespoon), garlic (4 cloves less or more for taste preferences) and tomatoes (x4) in a blender (Large chunks)

2. Secondly take that mixture out of mixer, place in a bowl and add a cup of natural yogurt.

3. Then blend up some spices. Garam Masala and Curry Mix (About a large tablespoon). Some tumeric and paprika.

4. Add chicken (About 500 grams) and all ingredients to Slow cooker and cook on low for about 8 hours.

For variation you can potatoes around 4 hours into the slow cooking time and some green beans in the last hour.

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