JetQuay Private Terminal Service

Taking commercial planes to commute from one place to another can be stressful. There’s the queue for checking-in bags, immigration, x-ray scans, frisking, etc. Waiting for your flight, you have to look for nice spot wherein you could rest, making do with those uncomfortable airport chairs, before boarding your plane. Things definitely get better in the plane, that is if you’ve upgraded to business class. Now, you spend tons of money to upgrade your flight from economy to business class, so why not do the same on the ground before your flight, being able to skip all the queues and security checks? If you’re looking for such a terminal service, JetQuay can definitely help.

JetQuay is a terminal service aimed at what they call CIPs or “Commercially Important Persons” traveling into Singapore. Upon disembarking from your plane, a JetQuay representative can whisk you from the gate to JetQuay’s private terminal with a buggy and an executive sedan. In the JetQuay CIP terminal, you will be led into a private lounge wherein you will be offered refreshments and your passports will be requested from you to be handled personally by JetQuay’s representatives for customs and immigration clearance. The executive sedan will then drive you to your hotel. A similar arrangement can be made when departing from Singapore, from your hotel lobby to boarding your flight out of Singapore. Now that’s what we call stress-free travel!

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