Pulau Ubin Singapore

Pulau Ubin is an island located in the north east of Singapore. It is has a huge deposit of granite in it. Hence the name Pulau Ubin which literally means Granite Island in Malay.

In Pulau Ubin Island there is no concrete building and roads constructed with tarmac.

This makes it a home for many types of terrestrial and arboreal animals. Pulau Ubin also sustains a good number of flora. The first set of human community that lived in Pulau Ubin according history record inhabited the Island in the 19th century. But now there are about hundred villages found in the Island. Recently, a number of schools were built in the island to enable its inhabitants obtain western education.

Pulau Ubin Island has a number of features that attract tourists to it. One of such natural features is Chek Jawa. This is a reef with a number of aquatic creatures living in it.

Another important feature in Pulau Ubin is the mountain bike trail built in 2007. It has a number of steeps with short climbs and descent.

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