How to Lose Healthy Weight

Lose Healthy Weight And Stop The Weight Loss Merry-Go-Round!

You’ve probably read countless quick weight loss, diet, and fitness tips. You’ve searched the Internet for online help, read those 4 year old magazines in your doctors waiting room for home remedies, and, gasp, maybe even tried a few products and treatments. But there are two important steps to losing healthy weight and being able to keep it from returning later that most diet programs emphasize.

How to Get Healthy

And they are:

Step 1 – Eat Less

Food, including water, is the energy your body needs to exist. Your body mass needs only so much in order to operate. In order to lose weight, the energy (food) taken in must be less than the energy burned.

Here are some ideas for applying Step 1…

Don’t eat after 7 p.m. at night. Cut out late the night snacks, which are a killer for packing on the pounds.

Eat smaller portions. If you cut your portions, you cut down on the amount of energy coming in. Portion control is a very big thing in this day and age of mega meals and super sized food. This alone will be one of the biggest ways to eat less.

Eat a sensible breakfast. You need to get your body functioning again after not eating since 7 p.m. last night. You are breaking your fast. Remember to control your portions and keep everything in moderation.

No snacking between meals. This will also make sure you are eating less.

Step 2 – Exercise More

Don’t worry, you won’t need to run 12 miles a day or anything like that. You just want to use more energy than in the past. In order to do this, you will need to increase your activity. Don’t think of it as exercise, think of it as activity. You will be surprised at how easy it is to increase your activity level!

Here are some ideas for applying Step 2.

While you are watching TV, don’t just sit there. Move your arms around, get up and walk around the room, do jumping jacks, stand up and sit down. All you want to do is make sure you are NOT just sitting there watching TV. ANY activity is better than none.

Take your dog for a walk every day. It will greatly benefit your dog, also. If you do not have a dog, take a walk anyway. It doesn’t have to be very far. Just take a walk however far you want. Just do more than you have been and you will feel better and start burning more energy than previously.

Take the stairs whenever possible. No more elevators.

For faster and more permanent fat loss, start weight training. Muscle burns energy efficiently. If you build muscle, it replaces fat and burns it off more efficiently!

Try to think of other creative ways to cut calories and increase energy expenditure. I’m sure you can come up with many more ideas. This will be a great start for you. Keep in mind it is always easier to start, and stick with these steps if you have someone to share in your activity.

A final thought – The best time to plant a tree was 5 years ago. The second best time is right now!

This can be applied to losing weight, as well. The best time to start may have been in the past, but the second best time is right now. Don’t get discouraged. The best quick weight loss, diet, and fitness tips in the world will not do you any good if you don’t use them. This is a lifetime commitment and a life changing goal. Be easy on yourself, but be committed and you will see progress!

Note: Visit with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet regime.

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