Mediterranean Pork Roast


Around 1.5 to 2kgs of Pork (Loin Roast Roll)

2 x Onions (Finely Diced)

2 x Stalks of Celery (Finely Diced)

2 x Cloves of Garlic (Finely Diced)

1 x Tablespoon of Oregano (Fresh Preferred)

2 x Rashers of Bacon (Diced Finely)

2 x Tablespoons of Flour

A dash of olive oil.

Preparation & Cooking

Place the diced onions, Celery, oregano, bacon, dash of oil and garlic into a bowl and mix together. Then flour the pork with around a tablespoon of flour and rub in the mixture of ingredients in the bowl.

Spread a little oil on the bottom of slow cooker to reduce sticking / burning then place the pork directly into the slow cooker.

Cook on low for around 8 hours. The juices at the bottom of slow cooker can then be allowed to thicken (Add extra tablespoon of flour) and then drizzled over the sliced pork.

Enjoy – Serves 4 people

Pork Roast

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