Piaggio Vespa Scooter Museum

The Piaggio Vespa scooter museum in Italy is well worth a visit if you are a Vespa enthusiast.

Vespa means “Wasp” in Italian and has evolved from a single motor motorcycle from 1946 to a popular, sexy looking range of designs – keeping to the original along the journey.

Check out this video for a sneak peak of the Piaggio museum…

Another fantastic article on the history of Piaggio’s Vespa’s is at Wikipedia – Check out more information on Vespa’s at Wiki

Vespa’s are all over the world and although the company has had it’s battles, a new breath of fresh air has been brought back to the company in 2003 when Roberto Colaninno purchased it. I’d like to create a timeline of  the Vespa model’s released since 1946 – maybe in another post soon. :)

May your Vespa get you to where you have to go… in style.

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