Sending eBay Items in Australia

Getting your product sent throughout Australia and overseas can be a timely experience, here are some tips for choosing which way to go by Air, Road or Sea?

Road Mail:

Best way to send items is via Registered post, this allows tracking of the package anywhere. Up to 20 kg can be sent this way. Delivery from Perth to Sydney e.g. usually takes between 5-7 days. Australia Post is recommended. They also have a very helpful website to quote approximately the cost of your package.

Air Mail:

If a client wants their package sooner express post service is offered by Australia Post, this can also be used to track the package.

Australia Post

Perth to Sydney e.g. By  the next business day and for regional 2-3 working days.

Australia air express or a courier may also want to be researched once the amount of stock wanting to be sent is on a regular basis.

Freight Company Road

Time frame can be the same as registered post, depending on the location to and from. It is best to shop around major freight companies to get a quote. This is also best for larger orders/quantities and pallet loads.

Some countries don’t have a very good postal service, so its worth doing research on which countries you will be posting to. You want to post to countries that allow registered person to person deliveries. So choosing which countries you will be dealing with is a good idea.

International Express air mail: may take 5 –10 working business days. Depending on the location of country to and from.

This can be expensive, depending on weight and size of package.

Shipping: Shipping your package overseas can be difficult as it may take up to 4-8 weeks depending on the destination. The cost may be lower though as depending on end destination. Larger orders will also be a factor , the use of container loads are used.

For highly priced/expensive stock, over $100, it is recommended to register and insure for the value of the goods. This will be an extra cost and more paper work , but is valuable if the package is lost in transit.

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